Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Recap

you all know by now that  I love fall! The crispness of the season, that sweet aroma drifting in through the open bedroom window as I fall asleep. The Kodachrome of colors on my mountain, that first pumpkin spice latte of the season (I refuse to drink pumpkiny drinks till the first day of fall-- had mine yesterday and it was scrump-delicious!)

Yesterday was a bittersweet day however, even as I did celebrate Autumn's official arrival by getting my latte. Yesterday was the memorial for our friend Michael. What a tribute! Have you ever attended a memorial service that was almost pure Worship? Where people were clapping their hands and CHEERING as they sang? The JOY that filled the place was overwhelming!! The lump in my throat competed with the tightness in my chest and I clapped so hard my hands tingled. We listened to his children and siblings pay him homage and cried with Catherine, his bride of nearly 16 years, as a letter she had penned was shared. Oh, it was hard. It was sad. But it was joyful! How do you explain such joy in the face of such sorrow? Only because of the HOPE we have in Jesus Christ.


Last night my husband and I sat and talked about faith. He credits me with a strong unshakable faith and I believe this is a gift God has given me. I've been through my share of heart ache and tough times but my faith in God is firm. I don't know why I have been given this gift but I do see it as exactly that. Despite the financial hardships we have faced, and continue to struggle with, I see God's Sovereign Hand on us and our situation. Faith doesn't come as easily for my husband and I pray for him to be granted extra faith and for it come easier to him.

I curled up in blankets last night and watched the fire burn in our woodstove as I drank hot tea, and sucked on throat lozenges. I could feel the aches and pains coming in stronger like the tide and my throat constricting. I was sniffly and sneezy and sleep was a welcome reprieve. I woke up early this morning, stuffed up and woozy headed and slothed my way downstairs for more Airborn. I don't wanna be sick!!

Hubby went on to church without me this morning and I watched church on the live-feed and felt nourished. I am feeling clearer headed now and less achy. I have learned to give in at the first sign of a cold, and soak up as much sleep and Vitamin C as I possible can and you know what? I usually kick whatever little bug is threatening me in the behind before it has a chance to roost. The sun, pale and thin, is still promising this day to be pleasant. It's the kind of day for wearing sweaters and socks but it's still a day that begs us come outside. We had originally had plans to host a small group fall kick off mini retreat but we had so many of our couples cancel that we canceled it as well! Which means this afternoon is a GIFT as we now have an open slot for an unplanned event! And if I feel strong enough we are going to take advantage of this opening and go play!!!

May you be blessed in the day~~ and my FAITH be granted unto you as well as JOY HOPE and LOVE.

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  1. It sounds like you a a FULL first day of autumn. Faith and love and joy and hope--gifts that make me thankful--even in the midst of struggles.

    Hope you wake up tomorrow rarin' to go!


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