Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Good Old Country Fair

There's just something about a country fair....  the heat that rises as the day goes on, the coolness found in grange hall style barns, the tantalizing smells of fair food-- guaranteed to clog your arteries-- the look on a child's face as they see a litter of baby pigs, the screams coming from the midway as the tilt o' whirl scoops unsuspecting riders into near death, the call of the barker teasing your coins from your grubby fist in an vain attempt to win your girl a stuffed giraffe. Farmers kicking the tires on the tractors, while their wives gaze longingly at the latest edition of hot tubs. A demolition derby, concerts, tractor pulls and horse and barrel racing. And more... oh, so much more!

Today I am taking my mama to the fair, for the morning portion of the day. We will rent a wheelchair because I know she can't walk a far distance. We'll check out the quilts on display and maybe the produce barn. We'll listen to some free entertainment while resting in the shade. We shall partake of at least one greasy artery clogging delectable food fair item and we'll undoubtedly see many, many familiar faces.
And when Mom is too tired to do anymore, I will take her home and come back to my own nest to regroup before heading out this evening with hubby and friends to take in the Chris Tomlin Concert.
And perhaps before the day is done, hubby and I will venture onto the midway and ride the Ferris Wheel..... 

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It's a Country Fair with all the trimmings.


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