Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Day in the Life Of

or 'What I Wore" x THREE!!

I don't do 'what I wore' posts, mainly because what I wore just wasn't that exciting!! But yesterday was a full day and I only changed my clothes 3 times to get me through 3 very different and very fun experiences.

My Friday began with WORK. 

On the circuit and keeping the ladies motivated, that's my job!

After work I had THE INTERVIEW!!!

I rocked the interview. I felt confident and relaxed and I did my best. If they offer me a job it will be because this is the way the Lord wants me to go! I will expect to hear something by end of next week.

Then the best funnest part of the day finally arrived!! My 35th high school class reunion is this weekend and we began the party with a social gathering last night for classmates only. 

School colors: purple and white!! Go Pioneers!

One of our class mates graciously opened her home and hosted about 25 of us for appetizers, drinks and a lot of social engagement. What a fun evening!! And we get to do it again tonight, with more classmates, spouses, and even some of our teachers!! I can't wait!! (I'll post a 'what I wore to the reunion" picture next time.)


  1. I think you rocked ALL 3 outfits in that 1 day :] how fun & you looked great so keep rocking lady!!

  2. Love the outfits! You look great! :)


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