Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!!

This is the day we gather with family or friends or both and stuff our faces with food, play games, sit and visit and stuff our faces some more. 


or not. there have been a few of these holidays where we stayed home and kind of ignored the fact it was a Holiday. We're doing that tonight, although there is NO WAY to IGNORE it with bombs and blasts going off all around us!!

We had a pleasant afternoon gathering with friends at their home, stuffing our faces with food, playing games, visiting and stuffing our faces some more. It's the American Way!!

My contribution to the BBQ/potluck  was baked beans and Snicker Salad. What is snicker salad? Oh my it's super easy and super good!!! You need Cool Whip, Instant Pudding (almost any flavor will work, but I favor vanilla or cheesecake) apples and snicker bars. Mix the instant pudding with 1 cup of milk, fold in the cool whip. Add diced up red apples, (4-6) and 3-5 snicker bars. Mix it all well and serve! (this doesn't keep well overnight so best to make the day of-- and trust me-- there won't be left overs!!)

other tasty offerings at today's gathering were a bevy of fruits and veggies in salad form, and grilled trout with a creamy dill sauce on one and a chili-lime sauce on the other. yummmers!! also grilled hamburgers spiced up with chili, and topped with smoked gouda.  

yes. i sampled them all. yes, i have heart burn....

it was a great afternoon... I'm a little sorry we aren't going to watch any fireworks tonight-- especially since we have such beautiful weather this year. But, I am happy to curl up with some tea and a book. And occasionally peek out the window and see what displays the neighbors have. 
Happy Independence Day!

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