Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Willing Hands, Willing Hearts

I am constantly amazed at the body of Christ. When we operate the way God intended for the church, great things happen. I have been exposed to the heaping helping loving sacrificing body in the past few weeks as never before. it makes my heart sing.

We headed out Friday afternoon, 9 people divided between 2 rigs, with 2 more meeting us at Tall Timber.  The ride over and back was just as much a part of the adventure as the service projects we tackled were. Laughter, music, snack food, joking, sharing, quiet moments and embarrassing ones. We know each other a whole lot better after this weekend!

We arrived Friday afternoon with time to settle into our rooms and take a tour of the camp before Dinner. We had promised our friends they would see deer and we spotted one in the first couple of hours. We saw several over the weekend. Always an awe/'awwww' moment when we see these delicate gentle creatures gliding, then bounding, through the woods.

Our service projects included fence repairs, weeding, chasing dust bunnies, plumping repairs, planting flowers, scrubbing, sanitizing, building stuff, fixing floors, changing oil, washing cars and getting vehicles running. Just to name a few.....

In between our work, we enjoyed plenty of good home style cooking, walks around the camp, a trip to the White River Falls, campfire and S'mores, vegging with a good book, and worship.

We came home Monday evening a little bit fatter, a little bit sorer, a little bit sunburned and a little bit better acquainted with Tall Timber, it's wonderful staff and with each other.

Summer Camp will run a little bit smoother thanks to the projects we helped with. Kids will be impacted for Christ as the gospel is presented through nature, music, crafts, story telling, food and the body of Christ operating the way God intended. 

All for the glory of God.

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