Friday, May 25, 2012

love me some tall timber

take me to the car!! (note some of us use suitcases, some of us prefer the catch all basket!!)
tall timber's calling....

google 'sons of the pioneers' and you might find this classic old song. I know they are talking more about going to the woods and not really specifically OUR Tall Timber but it still makes me feel soooooo nostalgic for this special camp.

anyway, we are almost packed. Hubby is running last minute-got- to-take-care-of-things-before-we-can-leave-town- stuff which gives me a minute to sit down, catch my breath, check my list and sip another cup of coffee.... Oh, and BLOG!! Ha Ha.

I am  super excited to be taking some newbies with us to camp. Always love introducing this place to folks who've never been before. It is going to be a fantastic weekend, with good weather, good food, good people and our good good God!

internet is spotty at camp so we'll see if I am able to post anything whilst there. Otherwise, wishing everyone a spectacular Memorial Weekend!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a safe trip!

  2. Enjoy this special time, take lots of pictures cuz you know us bloggers love the pictures and hey when you get back check out my blog because I tagged you in TAG YOUR IT!! go get the instructions to play along pretty fun and no deadline to get it done. safe journeys fun times


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