Friday, March 9, 2012

it's been a long lean winter...

extremely lean.

you have suffered through my posts where i have whined and wept and gnashed my teeth over the stressful times we have endured as my husband has looked high and low for work and come up empty. but as the bible tells us there is a time to mourn and a time to dance. I think we started dancing yesterday when the phone call came in.

It's been kinda crazy this month. you can tell spring is coming when the phone starts to ring-- a lot-- and whether real paying jobs come from it or not, everyone is calling because they are thinking about building something. in the last 2 weeks after months and months of nothing, suddenly Bruce has 4 things on the cooker.

And then the big phone call comes.

Bruce has been self employed for over 25 years. He is tired of doing it all and would really like to be part of a team and not have to shoulder it alone. So he began earnestly looking for employment --as in working construction for someone else -- a few months ago, meanwhile, taking whatever job came along to try and stay afloat. He had a GREAT interview a few weeks ago and we thought for sure when they indicated they'd like him back for a second interview that we were going to see an offer... but then nothing happened. We were bummed but we decided this was just not the direction God wanted us going. We let it go and moved on. Then out of the blue yesterday, they called and said 'come to work for us. start tomorrow if you like."

Wow. That was so unexpected but isn't that life? You can plan and prepare and pray till the cows come home but what is around the next corner no one knows and we have to trust in The One who orchestrates our lives for what's next. And we do.

OF course, life is also full of ironies. Here's Bruce planning several small jobs to carry us over the next few weeks/months and a sweet full time job with bennies comes along. So, my thinking planning man needed some time to work out the kinks before he could just say yes to the job offer. It's been great to discover that his "new boss" understands and will be flexible so that Bruce can start his new job while wrapping up these other things.

Work for me has been fun even though some unexpected things have taken place. I've had a lot more hours than I originally thought as one of my co-workers was hit hard with food poisoning. I'm grateful for the extra hours even as my body rejects the idea of getting up at 4 am some days. (never been a morning person, never will be!)

As Bruce and I begin a fresh season which promises us a bit more financial stability than what we've had for some time, I don't want to lose sight of what is really important. That our REAL Source of stability, be it finances or anything else, comes from Our Savior Jesus Christ. I leaned on Him hard through this season of leanness and it's been beautiful. I will not trade those sacred moments for any amount of financial security. The lesson I learned about being thankful for the storms in addition to being thankful for being kept safe in the storm is a lesson I am grateful for.

Humbled and thankful.

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  1. Praise God Praise God I am so thrilled for you to have answered prayers.
    blessing janice


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