Thursday, March 29, 2012

green thumbs of hope

rain... rain... and more rain.... this week has been a disappointment after the lovely weekend.

We did play and putter in the greenhouse this weekend though! 

We ordered some seeds from a local company called Uprising Seeds. Just a few to start.

Cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, swiss chard...

we are planning to try some 'square foot gardening' this summer too. 

we have green thumbs but not in the 'we can grow anything' way. more like green as in greenhorns who bumble through the planting process and learn lots about what NOT to do. LOL. We just have fun regardless of the outcome!!

this old door is just one of a few we have tucked away in the back storage area. And I have plans for them! I have an old wrought iron bed frame and some old windows. I would love to create some fun garden art with this stuff.  so we'll see what develops this summer.

meanwhile, today, even as the rain beats against my house and home, I feel like my cat who earlier this week did what I wish I could do today:
if I could find a little patch of sunshine, I would SO stretch out and nap!!!

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  1. Good luck with your garden! I miss having one, but we don't have the room here. I was able to get some stargazer lilies, daisies, and a strawberry plant. :)


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