Monday, February 27, 2012

just like the weather

yesterday we experienced snow, rain, sun, wind, clouds, warmth, chill and sometimes all at the same time. it was your typical pacific northwest wintery day... and i feel just like the weather!

all last week it was a struggle with the sinus and ear ache coming down on me... so I was excited that I felt almost 100% on Saturday-- cause for celebration.

Sunday we even took in the lovely hike to our favorite Deming lookout. And then, during the night last night -- or early this morning, I woke up in distress. sick again. dang it!

I will spare you the details but to add to the limp dishrag feeling (not to mention splitting headache, upset tummy, sore throat and nagging cough) I find out one of my co-workers is sick and wanted me to fill in for her.... and the rest of the crew is scrambling to fill the shifts.

I feel really bad, but I can't help because, well, I feel really bad!

 there are no guarantees about the weather here and none about our health either. Stock up on your Airborne.

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