Saturday, December 24, 2011

That Baby is My King

it's going to be a WET Christmas..... but we are off to a wonderful start.

We attended a Christmas service last night at our friends church that featured singing (of course) a skit and a great message about Promises that will never be broken because of the One who Makes the Promise. We also got to hear  a brand new song  written and performed by a sweet couple on the praise team there. (who also happen to be daughter and son-in-law of the friends who invited us) Yay! We ended the evening with communion and then singing Silent Night by candlelight.

It was a sweet evening. We saw friendly faces we had not seen in awhile and it was so good to connect with people. After all, isn't this what Christmas is about, truly? The Relationships.  God, who loved so much that He sent us His Son so we could have a Relationship with HIM. It's a little mind boggling when you really stop and think this through...

I hope whatever you are doing in the midst of your last minute preparations for the holiday gatherings, you will take a moment to stop and reflect on that truth.

As you gather with family around the dinner table or
Christmas tree,
as you gather in a church somewhere to sing the sacred songs,
take time to focus on the baby, but don't stop there.

He came as a sweet innocent baby and that makes as all go soft and gooey inside but
He was born for a greater purpose.
Celebrate His birth but then, please,
go one step further to remember that
the babe grew up to be the
SAVIOR of the world,
willingly going to the cross to
DIE for us,
to CONQUER death and
RISE from the grave.


I am including here a couple of links. the first one is to the transcript of the speech followed by a link to a video of the powerfully done That's My King by the late Dr. s.m. Lockridge. It seems fitting for this post. Enjoy. and, Merry Holy Christmas.

That's My King
That's My King (Video)

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  1. so glad you were able to share this special evening with us!!! blessed Christmas to you and Bruce!


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