Friday, December 9, 2011

Plan B Gets Executed

ex·e·cute carry out; accomplish: to execute a plan or order. perform or do: to execute a maneuver; to execute a gymnastic feat. inflict capital punishment on; put to death according to law. murder; assassinate. produce in accordance with a plan or design: a painting executed by an unknown artist.
With all my heart I hope this execution goes according to the FIRST definition on the list.
This is the ongoing saga of trying to get to Oregon. All in the name of business. If this was a pleasure trip, we'd have already shelved this and moved on. But this story has a customer, a down payment and a product to deliver. 
So, it was a flat tire last time I checked. And my husband was going to get a new tire for the trailer.  That went fine. But when he tried to install the new tire he discovered a much more serious problem on the utility trailer. Loose axles. 
(I was driving my car one time when the axles broke on the rear end and it was a near trip into the ditch. I don't even want to think about what might have occurred if the wobble on the trailer developed into more)
He came home last night with the trailer still parked where we left it yesterday morning. Today he went to town, rented a different utility trailer, and hired some muscle to help transfer all the materials to the better trailer. If all goes well, he will be back home tonight with the trailer and we will attempt to leave again tomorrow. 

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