Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Are They Selling?

We were on our way, trailer in tow, excited to be escaping for a couple of days. Time together, alone, away from phones and internet and doorbells, to reconnect and share. We didn't care if it was raining or blowing; we were just happy to be together.

Hwy 20 heading West... as always the road trip calls for The Coffee Stop. Espresso to go, tall, double, mocha, whipped..... latte-land here we come!

And we passed at least 3 or 4 because pulling a trailer means calculated stops; room to turn around or pull through easily.... and so we traveled on, thirstily eye-balling each approaching roadside coffee stand.... and then I saw a sign.... espresso stand....1/4 of a mile. We're ready for this one! Lots of room for pulling off...

the sign on the building showed a special that had me salivating; pumpkin pie latte. Yes please! Bruce pulled up to the window as I rooted in my purse for the wallet. I couldn't see her but I heard the perky voice of the barista as my hand connected with what I sought. I righted myself and saw my husband looking at me a little oddly. "Pumpkin Pie Latte with Soy" I told him but he looked back towards his window and I heard him say "Uhhhh" then quickly look back at me.

"Pumpkin Pie-- " I began to repeat myself but the look on his face told me he was not confused by my request. Something else was up. Before I could get it figured out however, Bruce looked back at the barista and said "We've changed our mind. We don't want anything here."

A suspicion formed in my mind as he put the truck in gear.  I leaned forward and caught the rear end of why we didn't want anything. Literally, caught her rear end. As in, bikini-clad-barely-there. No wonder my poor sweet husband looked so uncomfortable.

Oh. My. Word. I said quietly as he pulled back onto the highway. We drove away without speaking, each trying to formulate our thoughts to share our indignation in appropriate ways.

What kind of a person operates a business that makes showcasing young girls bodies the premium service they offer? What kind of girls want a job like that?

I am befuddled by the bikini barista business although I know they have been around for a few years now. I find the whole thing demeaning and I can't understand the mentality that drives the young women to take a job like this. Does she really enjoy working in her barely there costume? Knowing her wardrobe is the reason for her customer base? Are the tips she receives for showing such 'excellent service' all that much different from the money earned by strip club dancers and the like? Isn't she selling a little something more than just a beverage ?

it's a troublesome world we live in. Sad. I feel sad for the young ladies who take a job like this.

We drove on, stopping finally at a Starbucks. We know what we'll get when we shop there.

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