Sunday, November 13, 2011

ten little things

I decided today was a good day to be a part of the Time Warp Wife challenge, seeing as it's been almost a week since my sweetie left for Japan and today, Sunday, I am really missing him.  


time warp wife challenge #26

Today's Challenge:

Write down at least 10 "Little Things" that you love about your husband. Anytime you are feeling especially irritated by him, focus on one (or more if needed!) of these things.

If you keep a thankfulness or praise journal, a good addition to your daily entries might be to jot down one "Little Thing."

1. When he helps me into my car seat and fastens my seatbelt for me. It is a sweet tender gesture that clearly shows me love. 

2. he never complains about money I spend on food, clothing or gifts for others. 

3. related to #2, he firmly believes I am the wisest, thriftiest shopper ever and praises me for my efforts.

4. he makes me laugh. Oh. How he makes me laugh!!

5. his tender heart. tears come easily for him and I love this part of him in ways I can not fully describe. 

6. he can build stuff. It never ceases to amaze me that he can take sticks of wood and nail them together into crafty, clever, beautiful things. 

7. he sings. along with radio while he is working. it's a comforting sound to hear him harmonizing as he works at the computer.

8. that almost every Saturday without fail, he attends the men's breakfast/bible study. I just really love that he is hungry for the word of God and the fellowship of other godly men. Likewise, I love that church/worship is so important to him.

9. he isn't afraid to just be silly. one of my favorite memories is when we were on vacation one time and we visited this beautiful church with a gentle rolling slope and I impulsively said "let's roll down the hill!" and he did!  

10. when I see him reading his bible my heart absolutely melts. even coming into the living room after he has finished reading and left, and I will see his bible sitting open on his chair and I know he has been in the Word... it just touches me deeply.

taken the day after he left for Japan. His bible still open where he left it. (he took a smaller travel size bible with him)

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  1. Oh precious one, it sounds like you have such a Godly husband, as do I. The older I get, the more I admire my husband and love him, and miss him when he's gone. This coming Sunday he is going to lead worship service at a Nursing home close to where we live. He has such a heart for others and sharing his faith.
    You hang in there now :) Praying for you :)


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