Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Gift to Myself

a birthday celebration from 2006
I wasn't kidding when I said only 15 shopping days till my birthday. Well, ok, maybe I was kidding about the shopping part. I have mellowed in my advanced years so I am not obnoxiously making lists and sending everyone copies anymore.

Still, being a December baby, I tend to get a little territorial about the day. No Christmas decor until after my birthday. No birthday presents wrapped in Christmas wrap. No Merry Birthmas combo presents please. I got enough of that growing up which is why I developed this attitude about my birthday. it's self preservation baby.

anyway, enough about that. I decided today to launch something I have been thinking about doing since I first started blogging.

Another BLOG!!! Ha ha, this one is for my short stories!! I love the exercise that participating in Faithwriters allows me but I don't always enter the weekly challenges. And I have stories itching to be released that a weekly challenge doesn't always incite. I do need a little incentive and prodding to make it happen sometimes.

So.... introducing This Robyn's Nest, a blog that will feature short stories written by me! And to launch it, I have posted one that is near and dear to my heart, the story of my grandmothers faith in me in my youth, as a writer and the gift she gave me to prove it. I hope you'll check out  and be blessed.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I always felt bad for the kids that had birthdays in December. So kudos to you to making the most of your special day. :)

  2. Nice present! I'll go check it out.

  3. My mother and sister in law both have birthdays around the holidays and, since we live 8 hours away from them, we end up celebrating both birthdays and the holidays at once. I always feel bad about this! BUT I always get them separate birthday/ Christmas gifts! Even though they open them at the same time I make sure to tell them that some gifts are for Christmas and some are for the birthdays.

    And it's not like the rest of us get our own birthdays... we're all between July 21st and August 12. That's 6 birthdays we celebrate at one time during the summer. We all have to share!

    Happy birthday, by the way!


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