Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Missionary Husband

Things have been a little off the radar since Bruce got the email (from God) about going to Japan. Oh, but it's been humming along there in the background, never far from our minds or activities. Bruce has been in regular contact with  Samaritans Purse and  Steppin-Out Missions. After much discussion and prayer it has been determined that he will be taking this trip to Japan under Samaritan's Purse and he has a DEPARTURE DAY of Nov. 7th!!!

We had a little flurry of activity as we had to renew his passport (renewing mine at the same time just in case....) and we put a rush on his.... $$$ but it was less than 2 weeks turn around so Praise Be to God for that! There has been some discussion back and forth about going for 2 weeks VS a month and all the pro's and con's of that decision but Bruce has decided 2 weeks is the max he can commit to at this particular time. I must admit a sigh of relief to that, although if he had decided to stay for a month I would be in full support.

We are stepping out in absolute total faith as there is at this moment, NO money for this trip. At least, not in OUR pockets. :)  But this has NEVER stopped us before from moving forward into what God has called us to. We may falter because of timing, inconvenience, practicalities and such but we know that if God calls us to something, He will always, ALWAYS make the way possible.

The money needed for this trip is just for the R.T. airfare to Japan; Samaritan's Purse will provide for meals, housing and transportation. We have learned that S.P. makes the travel arrangements (ie: purchase the tickets) and then we reimburse them.

taken by a volunteer working in Japan after the Tsunami

another Japanese home near completion of repairs
We have been looking at both the websites and facebook pages for S.P. photos and Stepping-Out  photos  of the ongoing work in Japan.  S.P. is also involved with relief housing in Haiti, Joplin MO and other places where disaster has struck. It is exciting to see God at work in tangible ways. How meeting a physical need will also speak to a person's spiritual condition. It is exciting to know that God will use Bruce as he willingly steps into the role he is called to.

My role will be to provide prayer coverage, emotional support and share with others as Bruce shares with me. Maybe this will be a door opening for both of us to step through at some point. Can I say that going to Japan is on my bucket list?    No....Not.... really.... but being obedient to God is definitely in my heart.

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