Friday, October 7, 2011

Instant Replay

Fabulous Friday

It's been quite the week! I feel so much better than I did when the week started. We saw rain and we had sun. We were sick and we got better.

Sunday~ always good for Worship with our awesome church family.

Monday~~ while the sniffles were starting, we had a great time in our small but mighty ALPHA group!

Tuesday~~~ Mom, Mom, Mom. Oh and Dream School. the church has given us one of the 15 passenger vans to use to carpool our Kendall group down to Lynden. 12 people in the van -- all super excited about growing in God! LOVE IT!!!

Wed.~~~~A little bit more Mom. Oh I love that she has weekly care givers coming in now to help out! Mom and Money Management. And a lost but recovered cell phone, which thankfully still works!

Thursday~~~~~ This was the lowest of the days this week as my cold and my eye vied for top place. Thankful for the late night appointment available and for super eye drops and quick healing! And for Skype! had a lovely visit with my sister in the morning!

Friday~~~~~~ what is NOT to love about Fridays? Even if I don't work outside the home and even though on this Friday my husband is working overtime (thank you Jesus for work and for overtime work!!)  it is still such a great day! My eye is healed, my mom is squared away and tomorrow we will sleep in!!  And since I am feeling better a trip to the Library tomorrow to celebrate is in order!

Hip Hip Hooray!

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  1. Glad your week ended with you feeling better. I'm so jealous that you get to be in Alpha!


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