Monday, October 10, 2011

the Fuglies**

do you ever get them? the fuglies I mean? funky ugly moments that make you crawl back into bed and ignore the ringing phone... dishes in the sink.... chores and responsibilities....

I used to think the fuglies were related to my depression but if you have been on anti-depressants for this long and your depression isn't running your life anymore because those anti-depressants are working, then you can't really blame the fuglies on being depressed.

fuglies just ARE.

little black moods that descend from time to time, usually following a busy week or a lack of sleep or a cold rainy day or a prolonged absence of chocolate....

funky-ugly is often associated with house decor that needs to be re-gifted and quickly, but I find fuglies in my brain and my heart every so often and like hair in a drain it clogs things up rather quickly. It annoys and frustrates me. Like a spider web across the doorway it even creeps me out. Other times the fuglies just linger like a shadow, not quite touching but still casting a cloud over the rest of life.

I can't box these up and tote them to the goodwill but I can try and recast them in a better light. My bible and worship music are 2 of the best fugly sweepers I have (with chocolate a close 3rd) but sometimes it is so much easier to just give in to the fuglies and let it sweep me. 

I don't stay in them for long. Usually a day in my jammies alternating between bed and couch, naps and books, is sufficient enough time. It just seems easier to let the fuglies run their course.

**DISCLAIMER: in urban lingo I discovered fugly means something else-- something rather uglier than just funk and I wish to go on record that MY version of fugly means funky ugly. 


  1. I like you definition of fugly better but I have to say the title of your post caught my eye I just couldn't imagine you using it the "regular" way.

    I think your right everyone has "those days" when they just need a day in their jammies.

    I hope you feeling better soon!

    And I think it's darn OK to just let it happen and know the sun will shine inside and out whenever the fuglies decide to lift!

  2. and doesn't this weather just fit that kind of mood?!! Hurray for the hope of Heaven, where the Light never quits shining!! wishing you His JOY today...

  3. I know what you mean. It is very easy to give into those feelings especially when chocolate isn't present. ;)


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