Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Road Trip Options

I can't wait to blog all about our fun trip! I would do a post each day IF we had internet, but part of camping is cutting ourselves free of the technology that sometimes consumes us! However, with a dead battery on my camera and needing a place to charge it before we charge down the highway in search of ghost towns and mountain passes, a stop at the public library gives us a chance to re-charge and catch up!
the love-burkes at the Diablo Dam overlook, Hwy 20 (National  Cascade highway)

Each day has been a gift and the places we are seeing, though simple and sometimes boring, are beautiful and peaceful, serene and uplifting the way God intended them to be. We are treasuring our time alone together, the working as a team to set up camp and cook and clean up after meals. We have had time to talk, be quiet, laugh and play. It is only Wed. and half way through our week but already this has been such a blessing and such a sweet joyful time together. Again, as God intended relationships to be.

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