Monday, September 26, 2011

Road Trip Daze

I was going to divvy this up with a post for each day but I want to be more creative than that. I am working on putting together a picture collage which makes it easier to post several pictures. I don't want to forget a single moment of this past week and I need to write it all down so that I won't.

our little road map
We traveled on that first day from Deming to Twisp Wa. via the North Cascades Hwy. We camped near the Methow River and enjoyed warm weather and conversations.
Methow River at Morning

On Tuesday we traveled from Twisp to Curlew Lake State Park, via hwy 20 passing through the towns of Omak and Okanogan. We took a short break in Tonasket, we rubbernecked our way through Republic and arrived at the campground just before dark.
coming into Curlew Lake State Park where we camped 2 nights

The next day we left the trailer in the campground and took a day trip back to Republic and enjoyed viewing the town from the sidewalk rather than the car windows. We spent some time at the library so we could charge the batteries on the camera, check our email and update our Facebook status. :) We also paid a visit to the Les Schwab store as we had a slightly flat tire on the van!!

a pleasant fun morning in Republic WA

 Then we rolled on towards Kettle Falls, stopping whenever we were intrigued by a road side sign or attraction.
White Mountain Fire Overlook on Hwy 20 near Sherman Pass
click on the link below to learn more about the history of the CCC Camps!

From Kettle Falls we headed north , then West to the little town of Curlew. We poked around Curlew; the highlight there was finding this sweet little chapel on the hill and spending some time in the chapel. I truly felt the Holy Spirit welcoming us to just sit.... be still and know that He is God. We sang some hymns and soaked in His presence. A very special time.
took a ton of pix at this beautiful little chapel.... but I think this might be my favorite

We drove south again-- back to the park and spent another night there. Its a beautiful state park with a gorgeous lake, lush campsites and being the off season, plenty of privacy.
I recently learned that this was a favorite fishing location of my grandparents!

We left Curlew Lake on Thursday morning and traveled back through Curlew
Community of Curlew

then West to Chesaw 
a rodeo, general store and a tavern. that's about it...

and finally the highlight of Molson. Old Molson is a ghost town and a veritable feast to the eyes with all it's antiques! (that deserves a whole post of pictures of it's very own!!)

We ended up that evening in Oroville camping at Osoyoos Lake  (the US side). It was a more primative campsite but we enjoyed the sunset, the candle light and the relaxed pace.
God paints a fiery landscape~~ sunset on the lake and mountains

Friday was a haul ass kind of day as it was the day we had to head home. We left Oroville after paying a visit to a friends lovely flower garden (she wasn't home but left strict instructions to explore it thoroughly ) and took the back road to the Nighthawk Crossing into Cananda. (more on the friend and the visit and the gardens later)

We experienced a scary battle up a steep steep pass with a van that was no longer firing on all 4 cyclinders. We prayed all the way up the hill to make it (35 mph pulling a trailer!) and then prayed all the way down when we saw how much gas the climb sucked out of the tank...and no sign of services for miles.... and miles... and then a wrong turn onto what we thought was our exit but was actually for a different freeway headed the opposite direction of where we wanted to go.... uh, yah, by the time we COASTED into the gas station , engine sputtering, we were ready to kiss the gas pumps and we literally were yelling praises to Jesus for getting us there safely!

We got home Friday evening just after dark and working like a well greased team had the car and trailer unloaded in just under an hour. (why it takes so much longer to pack it all in than to unpack i will never understand!!!)

That's the trip in it's short version. If you want to hear quaint stories and fun highlights please come back again later!! I promise, there will be more.

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