Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Exhausting!

just sitting in the hospital for hours.... worse if you are the patient I imagine.
Mom's surgery went well. no surprises. back in her room by 6pm with one less toe and 2 steel plates.

I hit the wall right about then. low blood sugar, sore back from sitting, tired, hungry and bored. but mom is good and I am home for the night. tomorrow is a new day.

have not been very active with reading others blogs or commenting. Have my mini laptop with me at the hospital but it's been hard to stay current. plus, my brain just isn't too engaged with much else.

talked with the social worker this morning about post op care. she will need full time nursing for several weeks. so we talked about nursing homes and insurance and HMO's and exciting things like that. all new territory for me.

lets make a new plan: DON'T GET OLD AND DON'T FALL DOWN.

bedtime for this girl....

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