Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday, Lovely Tuesday

Because one of our bedroom windows faces east, waking up this morning was certainly a pleasure as this strange yellow-orange glow permeated our room. When was the last time we were awakened by the SUN and not the alarm clock??!!
the lump under the blanket is my cat!

It didn't take much to make me leap out of bed, doing the happy dance as I searched for my flip flops. My husband chuckled as he watched me, because it isn't often that he sees me wake up before I actually drink my coffee.

I was so inspired by the warm glow outside that I had all the breakfast chores done, the bathroom cleaned and laundry underway by second coffee break time! Oh, and I even walked to the post office! (That in itself is not so amazing as I do that almost every day, but this counts as amazing in that I did it without a rain coat, or any coat at all for that matter... and I did it in sandals!!)

inspiration station!
Now, I am at my desk... another amazing feature, because my desk is upstairs where it can be very cold because we rely almost entirely on wood stove heat, which is located downstairs.  We didn't even start a fire this morning and now I am at the desk, which faces the window and the sounds of a lovely warm spring day are all around me.

I love to sit outside (or near an open window) and listen to the sounds. And after awhile of listening I can start to peel back the layers and identify all the sounds...

Cacophonous chirping from a choir of birds~
cars whizzing by on the highway~
clink-clink-clinking of the metal tie-down against pipe on the flagpole at the school yard~
wind chimes on the back deck~
lawn mower down the street~
someone laughing~
hummingbird wings~
kids outside at the school, high pitched excited voices~~~~
and soon to come, will be the marching band.

There are three sounds in our little community that speak of spring to me.
1. lawnmowers (that's a given)
2. the marching band from school. every year about this time they start practicing outside, marching around the high school track, in preparation for parade season.
3. Friday night sprint car races at the Deming Speedway down the road. (It's over a mile away but we can hear the motor sounds as they carry over the airwaves)

Hearing any of these sounds makes me smile. It's like a confirmation that all's right with my world.

Aah, Tuesday, Lovely, lovely Tuesday.

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  1. I love days like this! In college, spring officially arrived when I could hear the ping of metal bats hitting balls down at the baseball field--imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered there is a field (complete with pinging bats) near work that I often hear on my way home for the day :)


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