Monday, May 30, 2011

the Job

I was offered the job!

I still need to fill out a lengthy (14 page)  application, have a back ground check and take the training course but I passed the interview with flying colors. They want me. That's enough to make me smile!

This is a part time position. One day a week to start which is perfect for me. It will be a lot of receptionist duties and some office administrative stuff. It's for a financial investment firm ( well known name) and while at first I was thinking this might be too stuffy of an environment for someone like me, I can see how my giftings and skills can be well utilized there.

As I said on my resume under objective: looking for a part time position that allows me to utilize my gifts of compassion and serving by meeting the needs of others through practical and personal involvement. 

let's have fun while we get it done: that's the Otter in me coming out. 
So, here we go on a new adventure! 


thank you so much for taking time to read and comment! have a great day!