Friday, May 20, 2011

Blazing Trails

What a gorgeous present to wake up to: more sunshine! Lovely to hear the birds singing even before I was fully awake. Lovely to bring my mug of coffee out to the porch and sip it in silence as the sun warmed my face and toes (bare feet being one of the best treats about warm weather)

Today will be another "Mom" day as she has another Dr/s appointment and needs to go here and there and everywhere. The verdict is still out on whether or not the cortisone is really working, but it could take awhile before she really notices a difference.

One of the places she wanted to go today was to get her haircut but she found out the gal she usually sees doesn't work today. I am taking my scissors with me, and am planning to offer my services. No, I am not trained, but  I do cut Bruce's hair-- been doing it for over 15 years-- and since Mom's hair is as short (shorter really) than his, I think I could probably do it. IF she agrees. We'll see. Otherwise, she will have to wait till I get back into town and I don't know when that will be.

Tonight Bruce and I are attending the TrailBlazers get together at NCCTK Trail Blazers are a monthly fun gathering of 50+ folks. When I say 50 and up, please note that this usually means the over 60, maybe 70 crowd.... BUT we are going because we were asked to be the entertainment. No singing , no dancing... but we are going to do a short skit and then Bruce is going to give a short talk on prayer. The skit has to do with prayer as well. Dinner is catered by Marta's Cocina in Lynden... and we love mexican food so much we were  willing to agree to the skit and the talk in exchange for this dinner. But it will be fun.  Looking forward to it really.

So, out the door I go... blazing new trails with a scissors and a skit script in my hand. Hi Ho Silver--AWAY!

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  1. Hope all went well with your Mom and the skit. How'd the haircut shake out?!


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