Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It was a terrible horrible no good very bad day in the Burke kitchen.

First, the cinnamon rolls were a total bust. Even the spots full of butter and brown sugar and cinnamon taste sorta cardboardy. What a waste of good ingredients! I had been dreaming of cinnamon rolls for days.

Next, I plugged in my trusty faithful rice cooker... and 30 minutes later when I came back in the kitchen to put the main course in the oven, I discovered there was no heat being generated by the cooker. Well, I've had this thing for nearly 15 years (it was a wedding present) so I guess I knew it was going to the kitchen appliance graveyard at some point, but in the middle of trying to cook dinner? Come on....
I dumped the whole mess into a sauce pan and prayed I could remember how to cook rice the other way-- on the stove!

Then.... I opened the oven (which worked just fine and dandy earlier for the cinnamon rolls) that I had put on preheat some time before... and found the oven was cold and still. No friendly red coil to greet me, no blast of warm air to caress my cheek and steam up my glasses... ???!!! What is going on here?

Well, I fried up the fish in a frying pan and the rice did turn out fine on the stove.

But I was thinking... Bruce and I need to get married again so we can register for some new cookery!!
Then I stop and think about all I do have... and those who have so little.

Sure I was inconvenienced but it was minor really... I mean we still ate a very nice dinner. Who am I to complain?

Oh, my, sometimes I really hate it when I get convicted of my selfish, petty little ways.  sigh.

I guess this means the do-over wedding is off....

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