Thursday, April 7, 2011

From the Book of Acts: A Mission Statement

 "But my life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned to me by the Lord Jesus-- the work of telling others the good news about God's wonderful kindness and love." 
~Apostle Paul, Acts 20.24

Because I have been working on writing a mission statement and a vision statement, as homework for Dream School, this verse caught and captured me as I read this morning. At my age (not afraid to say it-- 52!!) I should know what it is I am supposed to be doing in life, right? Well, I will be the first to admit that I have squandered a lot of time trying to really figure it out. 

When I was 17 I thought I knew just about everything. I mean, I certainly knew more than my mother, for crying out loud! And I thought marriage was my ticket to life. I finished my Sr Year joking that I already had my degree; my M.R.S.        HA.

Marriage and Motherhood were my mission for many many years, even as the marriage was slowly destroyed over time by control and abuse. When the marriage ended, in some respects so did motherhood. At least, motherhood as I had been doing it. Now I had two children in 2 different households and a lot of pain to try to put salve on. It didn't work very well. 

I had to go to work to support myself and my children. Now that 'degree' I had so lightly joked about came back to bite me because there are not a whole lot of jobs out there advertising for those sort of positions. So for several years it was all about survival and I suppose that was my mission. 

Ah, but we've come a long way baby. Over the last decade I have had time to learn about what makes me tick. What kinds of things stir my heart and what makes my brain want to engage. So it seems proper and fitting to work on a mission statement for my life. 

Reading Paul's statement makes me think that it's really very simple: It's all about God. As a Christian, -- and that comes first above all else in my life-- my assignment in life is to tell the good news of God's love to everyone I meet. No matter what my vocation, my first calling is to follow Him. Serve Him. Love Him. 

Jesus comes first. No matter where I work Jesus comes first. And when I remember that and practice that, everything else falls into place.  Whether I am waiting tables or working retail, whether I own my own business or I work as an assistant to someone else, whether I'm just blogging or writing the next great American novel, the One I am really working for is God. Because, how I act, my words and deeds, need to clearly say God is love and that love extends to you. 

I'm trying to do that. I hope you can see it. 

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  1. i truly see it, my friend. i see your love for our Lord Jesus very, very clearly in all you do. :)


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