Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tools of the Trade

Reflecting on the tools that have helped me hone my craft.... led to a little trip down memory lane as I fondly recall the sweet orange typewriter that my grandmother gifted me with when I was 13. I had just won in a creative writing contest and my short story would be printed in a Christian Youth publication (The Young Ambassador, a now, out of print magazine) Grandma believed in my writing abilities, something I will never forget.
I never did master typing; it's still a lot of hunt and peck!
Despite the typewriter my favorite tool was still the pen and paper and diaries and journals were my best friend all through my teen age years of angst. I still keep a journal but it is more often than not a companion to my bible as I record my thoughts and revelations as the Holy Spirit speaks to me.
and these only represent the last few years....
A lot of my 'journalese' now occurs in the form of-- surprise-- my blog!

Perhaps my most prized possession in the land of writers tools is my laptop, which my husband saved for almost a year, the funds with which to purchase it for me. I spent hours online 'building' and rebuilding the perfect laptop for my needs.
I love my cherry-wood grained skin even if it did add a couple of extra ounces to the weight!
Another part of my arsenal are the books I read... and this short pile doesn't even begin to do it justice! I staged this picture, randomly grabbing the titles that yelled the loudest from my bookshelves.....
it's a smorgasbord of titles from childhood and up... and yes, I did include my own self published novel! 
Create is the operative word in my life. While I love to write and I believe this is one of the gifts God gave me, I really see it in a larger scope these days. Creating a welcoming space is just as satisfying as the short story or blog. It feeds me deeply.
what feeds you?

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