Friday, February 25, 2011

White As Snow

so the other night, we are coming home from Alpha, (in kendall) and it is snowing like mad! those kind of 'white-out' conditions that make you loose your way in the middle of the road.... (where's the white line?!)

we made it home safely-- thank you Jesus-- and once we were parked in the garage, Bruce pointed out the interesting look the back of the car had!
what Ruby Tuesday would look like if she was a white haired/blond instead of a red-head?
I was struck with the thought of white-washed pharisees. I know, I know, what a strange thing to think of, but hang with me...

here is this car that is really red. But from certain positions, it looks white. Like some people we might know... not being authentic but trying to cover up things. it doesn't work.

in the morning, all the snow was melted from the car and it was ruby red again. if we go through life trying to fake it, eventually the facade crumbles and the truth comes out.

take another look....
then a second thought occurred to me.. a much nicer one!

When Jesus died for us, he did so to give us new life. When we accept Jesus' gift of salvation, we are immediately redressed-- in robes of righteousness! Pure, clean, fresh...

Looking at things in that light, I'd say, it looks beautiful. 

A scripture comes to mind: though your sins be like scarlet, they shall be white as snow.... and THAT reminds me of a song I learned in sunday school....

Scarlet, scarlet,
Though your sins be scarlet,
They shall be white as snow in the precious blood,
Crimson, crimson,
Though your sins be crimson,
By the grace of God they shall be white as snow.
Calvary, Calvary,
Jesus went to Calvary,
There he died on the cross that we might be free,
Finished, finished,
Jesus cried "Tis Finished,
Now there's nothing left for me to do but come.

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