Friday, January 21, 2011


Perhaps the greatest miracle that could take place in my life would be to remove any and all doubt and replace it with 100% trust in Jesus to do anything.

I say I trust Him.
But still I worry.
Try to solve problems in my own strength
Harbor fear and doubt.

I say I trust Him.
But still I hold on
To things that I should fully release
into His hands.

I don't want to doubt
I don't want to be like the disciples
who, even after witnessing the miracle of the feeding of 5000
still didn't get it.
their hearts still hard and filled with disbelief.

I want my heart soft and pliable
my mind free and clear
I want to wait expectantly upon the Lord
when I lift my prayers, petitions and requests.

Hope is wonderful, lovely, uplifting
but is it enough?
I hope for miracles
but is that enough?
should I not rather expect miracles?

How much faith is enough?
Mustard Seed Faith
is supposed to be enough.

Lord I believe, help my unbelief.

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