Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hearts for Honduras

Yesterday, at both the church staff meeting and at DRS last night, we were privileged to hear from Chad and Trina Baron, serving as full time missionaries in Honduras. They have been home for the last week or so, visiting family and in fact, return tonight. It was wonderful to get to see them and hear as they share about the work they are doing.
Wonderful.... and heart breaking. I scribbled notes like mad last night, as best as I could with tears streaming, and am hoping to turn those notes into something that helps other people 'see' what Chad and Trina see every day, and be moved to support their work there.

So.... stay tuned... and meanwhile, pop over to their blog (click on the link located in this title) and 'see' their hearts.

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  1. thank you Robyn for the update. It is kind of surreal since I not only remember Trina from NLF years ago but worked with Chad later at the Gap...I will uplift both of these people as they work in Honduras and share their love!



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