Wednesday, December 15, 2010

it's my BIRTHDAY

so let's dance and sing and wear silly hats and blow those kazooey things and toss confetti and eat lots and lots of cake!! (uh, gluten-free, of course!!!)

It's days like today where i really really love things like email and facebook. I mean, I enjoy them all the other times but on a day like this when you sign on and find a gazillion sweet birthday greetings on your wall or e-cards and special emails --well.... as I said on my FB status... I know i am loved. I feel like i am standing in the waterfall of God's goodness, grace and love and my friends and family are the lovely mist that rises from the downpour. I am blessed. Truly, truly blessed.

My sweet husband is giving me the gift of time today. Has taken the day off from work and is bringing me all the things I ask for...  like coffee. ;)

In a little bit we are going to go to lunch and then, who knows! The day is an adventure and I have made no plans... just let the day unfurl like a beautiful rose and go slow enough to enjoy the fragrant aroma and be touched by the beauty of the day. Because, really, isn't every day a gift? Every day is beautiful in it's own way. Every day, I have come to realize, is THE BEST DAY.

So please......   go dance and sing and wear a silly hat! And have some cake~~~ for me!

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