Thursday, November 11, 2010

Being Thankful Day 11

Lovely things....

coffee with a dear friend
sharing secrets, advice and stories
NEVER admitting our weight but ALWAYS saying how great the other looks
encouraging, praying for one another, giggling, crying.
she totally gets me. 

it's a lovely thing.

yahoo date with my bestest sister
sharing pictures, secrets and hearts
she KNOWS what i am going to say BEFORE i even say it!
affirming each other, praying for one another, lol's and upside down smiley faces
she totally gets me

it's a lovely thing.

Heart to heart with Abba Father
sharing my heartaches and my joys
I can tell him ANYTHING and it will ALWAYS be safe.
He builds me up, listens to my prayers,  and gives me strength & grace to face the day
He loves me unconditionally,and TOTALLY gets me!

it's a lovely thing.

It's been another 'best day'


  1. I love this post today! It is a lovely thing!!
    Having coffee and sharing time with you is wonderful and I do cherish our time together!

    I know this weekend you have a lot on your mind...I will be thinking and praying for you.
    We both know, God has it in control and we sometimes just need to remember to stop and Be Still.


  2. You bless me, sister, and some are sliding down my cheeks right now!!! Blessings be on YOU! (They don't have to be drips down your cheeks tho'. ;-))


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