Monday, September 27, 2010

Tomorrow is...

o A new day!
o Our anniversary
o Date day
o Dream School
o all of the above

If you guessed all of the above, you guessed correct! 

It seems crazy that we are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. 1996 just seems so.... yesterday! 

Did I ever think I would find someone who fits me so well? Someone who would end up being my biggest cheerleader, best friend, and partner for life? Did I ever think I would find true love? (or twoo wuv as they say on Princess Bride) Nope, to all of those. 

Oh, I hoped! I wished! I prayed that my life might someday be blessed with finding Mr. Right. And then God showed me that Mr. Right didn't exist and that was okay. I needed to learn that my true happiness and fulfillment comes from HIM alone and no earthly relationship was ever going to provide that for me. And after I got that understood, then God gave me Bruce. 

He's not perfect, but then neither am I. We have our ups and downs and sometimes communication becomes a mess. Sometimes I really think he is talking Martian and he thinks I am speaking Venetian (not to be confoosed with those things hanging in my windows that go up and down) 

We are different and that is good. If we were both the same one of us would be unnecessary. (And gee I shudder to think that he'd have to leave)

We have a lot of fun together. I think one of the things that saves us when we are in one of those down moments, is that we still laugh at each other and ourselves. I might be on a rampage, (because I am passionate-- either passionately happy or passionately angry) and even as I am yelling and stomping around, I am fighting to keep from smiling when ever I look at him. He makes me crazy in both good and bad ways but I would not trade a single minute.

Tomorrow is a new day of living and loving together. Tomorrow marks the beginning of our 15th year of marriage. Tomorrow Bruce will take the day off so we can just rest blissfully in each others company, in whatever the day and date brings. Tomorrow we will attend Dream School which may end up being one of the most significant journeys we have ever embarked on together. 

I am excited to see what our future holds.

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  1. I love this post, and I love you! May God bless you with many many more wonderful years with your best friend.


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