Saturday, September 25, 2010

Autumn~Pure Bliss!

 I love autumn. it's my favorite season. Maybe I am a wee bit partial because it's when Bruce and I got married but I think I'd love it best even if we had gotten married in the spring or summer or winter! I just love the smells and the colors. I dig out my favorite table cloth, all gold and rust and tan with leaves and plaids and spread it on the table and it just makes me happy  looking at it.

I love the sound of the rain or the wind and those special "Indian Summer' days, where we are blessed and teased with sunshine and breezes. the crisp air... smells of apples and blackberries and dry earth. snappy mornings with fog and evenings the creep in a little bit faster each night.

The sounds of the football game next door at the high school, school bus sightings, umbrellas, plaid shirts, rubber boots... and occasionally the sound of a lawn mower getting it's last use of the season.

Switching from iced mocha's to pumpkin spice lattes or hot cider, lighting a fire in the woodstove on those chillier evenings, putting an extra blanket back on the bed and wearing socks with my flip flops around the house, no matter how comical it looks or feels.

Harvesting from the garden... uncovering a missed zucchini, now the size of Lopez Island, tearing down the bean poles and tomato cages, and contemplating some greenhouse activity over the winter.

Getting one last pedicure of the summer, hoping this one will take away the leathery surface of my poor feet, hating to put on real shoes, not quite ready to dig out the fleece jacket.

And woven into all of it are the memories and freeze-framed photos, the cornucopia of blessings and the goodness of God poured out like oil.

~Autumn Pure Bliss~

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  1. I am with you on this one. I love Fall too. It has slowly grown into my favorite season too. :) I also love the new 'look' on the blog, all the fall leaves and gorgeous colors...loving it!
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


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