Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's Done!!

The novel is done! Now for the rewrite! With 83,189 words this may take awhile. But it feels good to be done with the main content!

The title of my book is "Broken Places" ~ which I think I may have blogged about before so I won't bore anyone with silly things like details. But I would ask of you, if you have a mind to, to offer up some prayers about what to do next. I don't have an agent or an editor or a publishing company in mind really. I am creative, I am not aggressive. It would be lovely to just keep writing until it's about as perfect as I can make it and then hand it off to some trusted individual who will do the work for me of marketing it. Aaah... another prayer request.

all I know is, today, I will celebrate because the story I set out to tell is done!

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