Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Movie Stars!

That's what Bruce and I will be! Maybe. Probably not. Ok, No....

the story behind it: In February I entered a contest at Focus on the Family. Write your spouse a love letter and maybe it will win in the daily prize, maybe it will win grand prize. Well, mine won a daily and we got some great books as prizes not to mention Bruce was really pleased with the love letter card I made for him for Valentines.

Then several weeks after the contest was all said and done, I got an email from Focus on the Family (FOTF) asking if we would be willing to do a little video clip testimony. Share something we have learned in our marriage that might help other couples, or expound on something from your love letter, or... what ever, as long as it fits the category of marriage and Christ. OH, and to make the video, they would send us a FREE Flip video cam ours to keep when we were done with the video. FUN!!

Bruce and I were all for it and the little flip cam was waiting for us when we got home from Macedonia. Learned how to use it and how to edit videos. oh lots of fun features! Then we looked at each other and said 'um, now we have to make a video for FOTF!!"

so we had to figure out what we wanted the video to be about. and work out some dialogue once we had that decided. Then could we do this with out a script? and without flubbing our lines? and what color shirt to wear and is the lighting ok in the room? and darn the cat, he's coughing up a hairball and drowning out the sounds of our voices! hilarious, how many CUTs! and Take # whatevers did we do?

Well, actually we DID do it in one night!! And I edited it and it is ready to send off to FOTF. We are going to be famous. LOL!!  Well, they WILL post these videos on their website for others to watch. So, be on the look out... and if you see some mysterious couple running around Deming in dark glasses... don't ask for an autograph... we don't want stardom to go to our heads!


  1. you two are a crack-up!!! funny, funny stuff!

  2. Always making me laugh, and cry, and laugh again! :-)


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