Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just Simple Things

At worship this morning, our teaching pastor did a curious thing. it was time for communion and the elements had just been all passed out. Instead of saying familiar words of scripture or instruction, however, he pulled a chair from the front row and turned it around , sitting down so he could face us. He said he wanted to say a few things to us, not as a pastor , but as just another sinner saved by grace.

he talked about the mystery of communion... and how it really isn't so easy to understand even now.  but here are some simple things. Jesus was a man. he had 12 friends that he trusted with his life. and one of those men betrayed him. he knew that was going to happen yet Judas was among the 12 present when he served the bread and wine. Judas also had his feet washed by Jesus.

Jesus knew what it was like to be betrayed. Jesus knew what it was like to suffer. Crucifixion was the most awful, most horrendous way to die ever invented. Jesus said for us to remember him when we take these simple elements. Remember what he went though for us, remember that he knows about pain and suffering. each time we take the bread and the cup, remember HIM.

our pastor really brought this point home today. it was a simple profound moment. bread and juice are just symbols of the life and blood he gave for us. simple things. but again, how profound they are when we look at it through the eyes of Jesus.

communion sometimes becomes another thing we do by rote.  I am so thankful that today was not one of those times.

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  1. love the new look of your blog my sweet friend!
    I also LOVE having a beautful christian woman for a friend. :)


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