Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Byes

Good byes are never easy. Everyone of us, has in some way, connected with someone here. We will never forget them and we will never forget our time here.

Today after all the work was done and cleaned up, we prayer walked the Sports Center. We each prayed over a specific area. prayers for cleansing, in the name of Jesus, against the terrible things that have taken place inside those walls. We prayed for fertile soil, in which to plant seeds and reap a harvest. We prayed for more workers for the harvest. we prayed for walls to come down and hedges of protection to go around. We prayed for peace, for safety, for salvation's, for  the workers and the people who will fill the halls. May they all be touched by your presence God.

We had dinner this evening with our new friends at the restaurant at the top of the hill. incredible view of the city with its lights twinkling and the breeze blowing. we started outside on the huge patio in order to take advantage of the view but  it actually got so cold that eventually we moved our party inside.

We leave EARLY tomorrow morning so, its time to shut this down and do some prepacking and hit the rack. We drive to Philipi tomorrow to visit the ruins. take in some other sites and then we'll spend the night in Thessalonki and catch an early flight Wed. morning for home.

Gotta admit, home sounds pretty sweet. Even if those good byes are never easy.

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  1. I know you have had an incredible experience and were blessed as well as been a blessing...but I am ready to see pictures and go for some walks with be safe and see you soon!!!!!!


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