Monday, May 3, 2010

Divine Appointments

God just keep breaking my heart for his people.

I was reading back over my blog from last night and the comments and emails from family and friends. I realize just how divine the appointments are when we allow ourselves to go where God is at work and He delights in us being a part of it. the blessings he pours out when we do this are immeasurable.

I find my eyes welling with tears as my emotions are stirred over every little thing. sometimes it is a feeling of anxiety over being unsure of what I am doing and other times it is over the realization that being unsure is the perfect place for me to be as it allows me to fully rely on God's strength. Yesterday was most definitely a day of living in His power as i felt quite inadequate for doing it on my own.

A new verse that God brought to me last night as I was preparing for my turn to lead devotions this morning for the group: from Ephesians 3.17. Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow  down into God's love and keep you strong. (NLT) It was the perfect reminder about leaving our comfort zones and being forced to trust in God completely  not ourselves. and God never disappoints.

this morning I am enjoying a fine cup of caffe in our hotel room, with the window open and I can hear the sounds of the town waking up. There is a construction site across the street from our hotel-- how perfect for Bruce-- and the sounds of the workers as they hammer and talk fill the air adding to the beautiful cacophony of passing cars, the clip clop of horses pulling wagons, ducks or geese (I'm not sure which)  in the field across the street... last night it was frogs and crickets and barking dogs.. and in the wee hours a very naughty rooster who must have thought it was morning.  Well, i guess it was morning somewhere....

I look forward to this day and where God will take us. My prayer for each and everyone of the team as well as our loved ones at home is that we will all stop and ask our heavenly father 'where are you working today?" and when he shows us, (and he will, when we ask him) that we will be willing to go and join him. 

our Group at dinner last night in the hotel dining room.

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    divine ideed!!!
    Blessings be upon you all as you listen to the call of God and share His love!

    -praying, melody


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