Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coming Down from the Mountain

We have probably all heard that expression "Mountain Top Experience" and have perhaps even experienced it for ourselves. And like Moses, (who I like to think the expression was coined for) eventually that 'glow' will begin to fade as the reality and pressures of everyday life crowd back in threatening to rob us of our Joy.

But does it have to?

The last two days have been a little rough as Jet lag hits and the task  of returning phone calls, sorting mail and mowing the lawn (did it really have to grow so much while we were away?) claims our attention.

This morning I found myself remembering something Kate cautioned us about before we left to Macedonia. She encouraged us to be ready for battle as the day of departure grew closer. Spiritual attacks on our self esteem and heart and soul could be expected and we can counter act that through being aware that that is what was happening. Step up the prayer coverage and call it for what it is and rebuke it.

Well, I think the coming home and getting back in the groove can do the same thing. Feeling cross and tired and impatient. thoughts of 'I just want to go back to Macedonia and escape this rat race". Transition can be difficult.  I want to encourage all my team mates to recognize it for what it is... the enemy wants to steal the joy and make us lose that warm special feeling we came home with.

I lost my temper yesterday over something so petty and small and it felt ugly. And the voice of the accuser was right there to whisper things like " I thought you had some big spiritual awakening moment there in ruins and at the river. I thought it changed you into a better person. and look at you now, acting all pissy and mean. way to go Robyn, way to be phony"

I did feel small and pissy and mean and phony. And ashamed. But thank the Lord for those mercies NEW EVERY MORNING!! Thank you Lord that I wake up and your sweet spirit reminds me that my value is found in you, that my thoughts and feelings can be taken captive by You! and not the enemy.

That restores my JOY. Happiness is fickle and fleeting  but JOY, Real Joy comes from knowing Christ.  Moses put a cloth over his face to hide the fact that his glow was fading but I say, let's be transparent and admit, sometimes those mountain top highs do fade and we will struggle. But no matter what, we can rejoice and give praise to God.

And THAT is where our real JOY is found.

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  1. Giving God the praise for you and your whole teams safe arrival back home!
    I know getting back to the day to day tasks can be daunting and mundane after feeling the mountain top experience but I am so excited to hear about your time and see those pictures! May you blessed today and the rest of the weekend as you attend to daily tasks. To God be the glory, great things He has done!


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